Senior Data Engineer


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Delta Lake

Azure services




Náplň práce:

Embark on an exciting journey as a Data Solutions Architect, designing and implementing advanced data solutions that drive informed business decisions. You’ll work closely with stakeholders, utilising Databricks and Azure Data Factory to tailor SPARK-powered data processing pipelines and ensure optimal integration and performance. Responsible for managing data ingestion and maintaining source code in Java, ASP.Net, or C#, your role is crucial in safeguarding data integrity and performance. Dive into this impactful position, shaping data-centric projects that significantly benefit both internal and external customers.


  • Minimum of 5 years in data engineering, including at least 2 years of hands-on experience with Databricks, Delta Lake, and Azure services
  • Proven track record in transitioning from traditional data warehousing to modern data platform architectures
  • Mastery of SQL and Python for data processing and development
  • Proficiency in SPARK-based data processing
  • Acumen in both batch and streaming data ingestion
  • Experience with Delta Lake architectures and their integration with Azure Storage Gen2
  • Expertise in using Azure Data Factory for pipeline orchestration

O Seitequ:

Sme Seiteq, IT outsourcing v dobrých rukách. Od roku 2009 spájame najlepších IT guru so skvelými projektmi po celom svete. Pobočky máme na Slovensku, v Českej republike a v Bulharsku. Medzi našimi spokojnými klientmi nájdete medzinárodné spoločnosti ako IBM, SAP, HPE a mnohé ďalšie. S nami je hiring rýchly, spoľahlivý a efektívny, pričom vám šetríme čas, náklady aj pracovné kapacity.

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Senior Data Engineer