Technical Analyst


From 2800 €/month


1 day in-office (Košice), 4 days remote

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Needed tech stack



Machine learning

Programming languages

Job description:

We are seeking someone smart, savvy, and exceptionally skilled at designing solutions that align perfectly with business requirements. As a Technical Analyst, critical thinking for you means transforming chaos into order and order into direction. You are organised, a natural communicator, and excel at collaborating across web and mobile platforms, uniting people to foster a shared understanding. Committed to purpose and confident in your suggestions, you possess the empathy needed to support your colleagues—developers, testers, designers—and view challenges from their perspectives.

Required skills:

  • Proven track record in the IT or banking industries
  • Demonstrated success in analysing business requirements and delivering solutions that meet targets
  • Understanding of the importance of testing and documentation in software projects
  • Understanding of HTTP, REST APIs, JSON, and Chrome DevTools
  • Ability to maintain diplomacy and advocate for the right solutions simultaneously, without losing your positive demeanour
  • Ability to maintain perspective, step back, and see the big picture
  • Belief in knowledge sharing, with an understanding that it enhances collective strength rather than threatening individual competence
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to express values and opinions clearly in fluent English

About Seiteq:

Hi, we’re Seiteq, IT outsourcing in good hands. Since 2009, we’ve been connecting the best IT gurus with great projects all around the world. Our branches are located in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria. Among our satisfied clients, you can find international companies such as IBM, SAP, HPE, and many more. With us, the hiring process is quick, reliable and effective, saving time, costs, and work capacity.

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Technical Analyst